Our Speakers


Matti Holi

Head of Psychiatry at

Matti is the Head of Psychiatry Department at HUS, Helsinki University Hospital, and is advancing mental healthcare. One of Matti’s recent projects is Health Village (Terveyskylä), a web service for specialized medical care, that was done in co-operation between experts and patients.


Anu Partanen

Journalist & Author of ‘The Nordic Theory of Everything’

Anu is the author of “The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life”, a book that compares life in the United States with life in the Nordics. She is a journalist originally from Finland. She lived in the United States from 2008 to 2018, and her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and has worked at Fortune Magazine as a visiting reporter through the Innovation Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University. Currently, Anu works as a science communicator at the University of Helsinki.


Luka Balac

Co-Founder & Chef at
Restaurant Nolla

Luka Balac, one of the founders of Restaurant Nolla, has taken a deep plunge into the challenging top kitchens of Helsinki before opening Nolla. Always with a fishing rod on his back, Luka found his calling already as a little boy in the kitchen of his grandmother in Serbia. In addition to those, the self-taught chef has polished his skills at Olo, A21, Emo, Hoshito, and Kuurna.

Alviina Alametsä_cropped.png

Alviina Alametsä

Project Manager at mielenterveyspooli 2.0

Alviina is the project manager for Mielenterveyspooli, uniting 23 Finnish Mental Health NGO's to influence Finnish and EU politics with the goal of promoting mental wellbeing. Her previous professional background is in dialogue work, politics, crisis management and peacebuilding. Alviina is focused on how human psychology and wellbeing should be taken into account better in decision-making and societal change. She is also a Helsinki City Councillor.


Paula Laine

Director of Strategy at

Paula Laine is in charge of Sitra’s foresight, insight, strategy operations, and megatrends list. With boundless enthusiasm towards a better future, she is using her 15 years worth of work experience in global business and societal change. During her time in Helsinki University of Technology, she learned systems thinking and business strategy. Paula lives on a small horse ranch and spends her free time developing it to become energy self-sufficient.


James Hewitt

CIO at
Hintsa Performance

James is a performance scientist, speaker and author. His research focuses on the relationship between health, lifestyle, working patterns and cognitive performance, with a particular interest in the impact of emerging technologies on human wellbeing and productivity. James’ work includes consulting for Formula 1 drivers and teams, advising Fortune 500 C-suite executives, and novel experiments to investigate sustainable high-performance in knowledge work, with some of the world’s most demanding and top-performing organisations.


Esko Kilpi

CEO & Founder at
Esko Kilpi Company

Esko is the founder of Esko Kilpi Company, a group of researchers and strategists. We lay the intellectual foundations for Post-Industrial Work. We are early champions and pilots for the new disciplines of value creation as they emerge. Our theoretical framework comes from sociology, relational psychology, network theory, cognitive neuroscience, computer science and the sciences of complexity.

Inka Mero

Partner at

Inka is an entrepreneur, company builder, angel investor and new business executive. Her passion and expertise is in the new global digital business build - from startups to big corporations. She is an investor in 22 and cofounder in 7 technology growth companies. Inka’s board work at Fiskars, Nokian Tyres and YIT enables her to bring in her strategic and international expertise on digitalisation, and driving entrepreneurship, agility and fast execution in big corporations.


Robert Nemlander

Co-Founder & CEO at

Robert is a serial entrepreneur, civil engineer, army medical sergeant and former astronaut candidate aiming to solve sustainable food production both on Earth and Mars with insect farming technologies and edible insect foods. As the founder of the world-leading insect farming technology company EntoCube, he helped to transform Finland into the most insect food friendly country in the world. With AvalonEnergia he is promoting the use of carbon-free nuclear energy.

headshot trendsonline.jpg

Lisa Mallner

Project Manager at

Lisa is a project manager at Nordic.AI, a nonprofit supporting the AI and machine learning ecosystem in the Nordics, and a community builder within the Nordic startup community, focusing on helping companies working in exponential technologies and new platforms.


Tuomas Jäälinoja

Director of Strategy at
KLOK Creative Agency

Tuomas has survived being nearly eaten by dragons. Sadly this is not a Game of Thrones reference, but a case of the three-meter Komodo variety of not-at-all fire breathing lizards.


Kamilla Sultanova

Entrepreneur & Chairwoman at
Global Dignity Girls & Boys Ry

Kamilla is an award-winning entrepreneur, youth engagement expert and tedx speaker based in Helsinki. Originally from Uzbekistan. She is a member of European Young Leaders "40 under 40" and German Marshall Fund Transatlantic Inclusion leaders. At Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry, she has arranged events on a multitude of topics. Her vision for the Nordics is to promote internationalization and shape this region free of ethnical stigma.


Alexander Stubb

Vice-President at
European Investment Bank

Alex’s oversights as the VP of the EIB include the Financing activities in the Nordics and Baltics, Corporate Responsibility, Gender Equality, and Diversity & Inclusion. Alex Stubb served as Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Foreign Minister, Trade and Europe Minister of Finland. His background is in academia and civil service, with a focus on EU affairs. He was a member of the European Parliament from 2004-2008. Alex holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics, has published 18 books and is a self-professed sports fanatic.


Martine Kveim

Co-founder at Young Happy Minds & Chooose

Martine is ever passionate about creating valuable engagement and inspire people to act in conscious ways. She is co-founder of both the award-winning climate action company CHOOOSE, and of Young Happy Minds (YHM), an organization aiming to strengthen young people through positive psychology. YHM offers practical exercises and tools to flourish in today's world. She resides in Oslo and is a keen kiter on both snow and water.

Johan Schmidt Toimitusjohtaja BSAG.png

Johan Schmidt

Managing Director at
Baltic Sea Action Group

Johan is the Managing Director of Baltic Sea Action Group, the Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea. Johan has previously held various leadership positions in the business community, among those as vice president for venturing and new business development in a multibillion dollar blue-chip company, and as Managing Director in one of the largest global business law firms.


Heli Anttila

VP, Supply Chain & Operations at
Fazer Lifestyle foods

Heli is an expert of foodtech and sustainable culinary innovation. She has an extensive professional background in managing supply chains, operations, new product development and innovation at Fazer, a visionary Finnish food corporations with a strong focus of sustainability-oriented research and development. Heli is one of the inspired minds behind Fazer Lifestyle foods, a department fostering well-being and sustainability through innovative new products.

John de Yonge.jpeg

John de Yonge

Director at

John leads the disruption readiness, urbanization, and sustainability agenda for EYQ, EY’s global think tank exploring “What’s after what’s next?”. He is one of the authors of EY’s 2018 Megatrends report on the forces transforming economies, business and government. His work is informed by 20 years of experience in developing client programs and business insights focused on innovation capital, entrepreneurship, cleantech and natural resources.


Iida Jääskeläinen

Art teacher at the City of Helsinki

Iida is an art teacher in Arabia Comprehensive School in Helsinki. Her school, as the only school in Finland, has a design emphasis. Therefore design skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication are at the core of teaching. Iida also works as a developer of learning environments for city schools. Her job is to provide methods by which the school community can participate the process of designing their learning environments.


Tomi Ståhl

Director of Change Management at

Tomi is a Transformation Director at Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. He has an extensive background at Kela from various roles as a Manager for Center of Excellence, Procurement and Benefits. He holds the Master of Laws from the University of Helsinki.


Asta Raami

Founder at INNERVERSITY & Author, Educator, Designer

Asta did her Ph.D. in the Aalto University on the use and development of intuition. Recent years she has concentrated on making the potential of intuition known outside the scientific community. In 2016, Asta discussed the subject of utilizing the hidden potential of the human mind in her book, Älykäs intuitio ja miten hyödynnämme sitä. Currently, she works as a start-up entrepreneur at Innervesity, an intelligent intuition training program.


Annu Nieminen

CEO & Founder at
The Upright Project

Annu is an action woman and entrepreneur. Annu is currently building a new quantification model for net impact of companies at The Upright Project. Before that she was the CEO of Kasvuryhmä. Annu is passionate about: Solving "soft" problems with "hard" tools and vice versa. Decreasing unnecessary and unproductive suffering. Numbers. Stepping into the unknown, the uncontrollable and the ambiguous. Helping people understand each other better. Practicing systematic curiosity.


Jussi Tolvanen

Country Manager at Microsoft Oy

Jussi is a people-centric, tech savvy and sales-oriented leader who has broad experience in different leader positions in large international companies like Avanade and HP. As a dedicated people leader he has focused on strategic business management, leading sales, scaling business through the partner ecosystem, and driving digital and business transformations. Jussi joined Microsoft to lead SMEs business sales and partner ecosystem before taking over as the Country Manager.

Lähdemäki-Pekkinen_Jenna .jpg

Jenna Lähdemäki-Pekkinen

Specialist Foresight at Sitra

Jenna works at the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, as a foresight and insight specialist. Her work involves the Next era of well-being project that builds discussion on the next version of the Nordic model. Jenna also works on the future of education and is kept busy by the book Sustainability, human well-being and the future of education, published by Palgrave Macmillan in October 2018. Jenna holds a Master of Social Sciences degree from the University of Helsinki.


Sirpa Kurppa

Research Professor at LUKE Natural Resources Institute Finland

Sirpa, Ph.D., is a research professor in Luke The Natural Resources Institute Finland and deputy leader of ScenoProt. Her special competences are: agroecology, integrated and sustainable food production, LCA based environmental and social assessment and eco-design. She has worked as visiting researcher around the globe. She has been evaluator in several research projects in EU and national research programmes.


Albina Krasnodemska

Community Lead, Global Shapers - Europe & Eurasia, World Economic Forum

Albina is the Community Lead for the European and Eurasian Foundations communities at the World Economic Forum. She’s a communications professional with a wide-ranging international expertise. She was the first foreign reporter to North Africa from Ukraine, worked as a consultant for the UNIDO and was in charge of projects to improve the media landscape in Ukraine in OSCE.


Lauri Reuter

Senior Specialist, Disruptive Technologies at VTT

Lauri holds a PhD in biotechnology and works as the senior specialist of disruptive technologies at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. He is responsible for exploring technologies that will truly change the world and for building a new bold ways of doing research that matters. Lauri is a spare time urban beekeeper and he dreams of a radically sustainable food system on this planet - and the next one.

Meri Lundahl.jpeg

Meri Lundahl

Vice Chairman, Dodo

Meri is an activist and scientist for a more sustainable and circular economy with a background in biomaterials research. She is advancing sustainable urban development in the board of Dodo ry, including activities on urban farming, waste food resque and urban planning. She’s also worked on developing materials for energy production and storage, biobased absorbents, among others. Meri is passionate about both grassroot initiatives and high-tech innovations that can close our material and nutrient cycles as well as free us from the dependency on animal agriculture and fossil resources.