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The Nordic Summit is a place for great minds, hearts and hands to come together across the Nordics to think about the Future of the Nordic Region.
Three themes form the core of the conference: Innovation & Prosperity, Sustainability Crisis, Society & Wellbeing.


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Nordics as the Most Innovative Region in Europe
Rethinking Education


Nordics have enjoyed great prosperity during the last decades. However, the world is changing at an accelerating pace and the global challenges we face today are more complex than ever. Trying to solve these challenges through collaboration and as a single innovation area could give the Nordics a competitive advantage over other regions. To prepare for these challenges, we also need to rethink the education system and emphasize lifelong learning. Teaching skills such as emotional intelligence and creativity will separate us from machines.


What should the shared Nordic vision look like?

How can we establish Nordics as the most innovative region in Europe?

What kind of education will support a prosperous future and innovation, and how can this be achieved through Nordic collaboration?

How can we ensure that innovation created by few people creates prosperity for all?

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Food & Water Waste
Carbon Cycle of Food


Most of our systems are broken, questionably incentivised, supported by heavy bureaucracy and designed for times bygone. To change this a sustainability-oriented mindset is not enough as we are facing the challenges of climate change, mass consumption and loss of biodiversity. Shifting incentives for business towards a circular economy will enable a systemic change that is actually regenerative. Our food system, in all of its stages is one of the biggest waster and polluter, but offers actually many solutions to the sustainability crisis. Nordics are not the biggest polluters globally but have the opportunity to showcase the best solutions.


How do we create systemic change from a sustainability-mindset to a regenerative future?

What roles and responsibilities do different stakeholders possess in initiating this change?

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Nordic Society Model
Holistic Wellbeing


Nordic countries consistently top the list of best places to live and work. Universal healthcare, free education and great social equality provide a solid foundation to a happy society. But issues such as marginalisation, mental illness and lifestyle diseases are causing a tremendous strain on our systems and we need new ways of tackling them. A society that provides equal opportunities and promotes holistic wellbeing is best equipped to respond and adapt to future challenges.


How do we keep the highly praised Nordic values while reinventing society to be more adaptive?

Instead of just treating illnesses, how can we advance the concept of holistic wellbeing?

How do we ensure young people and immigrants don’t fall out of the system?


Program Schedule

Saturday, 20.10.2018


08.30 - 09.00
Doors open
Multi-user VR Experience

09.00 - 09.15
Opening Remarks from Global Shapers Community, Albina Krasnodemska

Location: Auditorium

9.15 - 9.40
Paula Laine, Sitra

9.40 - 9.55
Martine Kveim, Young Happy Minds & Chooose

9.55 - 10.10
James Hewitt, Hintsa Performance

10.15 -10.45
Round tables


Round Table 1: Holistic Wellbeing
Location: Auditorium
Moderator: Tuomas Ylä-Kautta (Shapers Helsinki)
Speakers: Tomi Ståhl (KELA), Alviina Alametsä (Mielenterveyspooli 2.0) & Matti Holi (HUS)

Round Table 2: Nordic Society Model
Location: Tetra
Moderator: Henrik Suikkanen (Shapers Helsinki)
Speakers: Kamilla Sultanova (Global Dignity), Anu Partanen (Writer), Paula Laine (Sitra)


10.45 - 11.05
Tastings by Fazer & Entocube
Multi-user VR Experience

Location: Auditorium

11.05 - 11.30
John de Yonge, EYQ on ‘Sustainable Food by Design’

11.30 - 11.45
Luka Balac, Restaurant Nolla on ‘Sustainable Gastronomy’

11.45 - 12.00
Heli Anttila, Fazer Lifestyle foods

12.05 - 12.35
Round tables


Round Table 2: Carbon Cycle of Food
Location: Tetra
Moderator: Maria Lumiaho (Shapers Helsinki)
Speakers: Johan Schmidt (Baltic Sea Action Group), Sirpa Kurppa (Luke)

Round Table 1: Transforming Food Systems
Location: Auditorium
Moderator: Santeri Palomäki (Shapers Helsinki)
Speakers: Robert Nemlander (Entocube), Lauri Reuter (VTT), Meri Lundahl (Dodo)

12.35 - 13.50
Lunch break
Multi-user VR Experience

Location: Auditorium

13.50 - 14.00
Intro to Impact Labs Workshops

14.00 - 14.25
Alexander Stubb, EIB

14.25 - 14.40
Asta Raami, Innerversity

14.40 - 14.55
Jussi Tolvanen, Microsoft


15.00 - 15.30
Round tables


Round Table 1: Nordics as the Most Innovative Region in Europe
Location: Auditorium
Moderator: Tuomas Jäälinoja (KLOK)
Speakers: Annu Nieminen (Upright Project), Inka Mero (Industryhack) & Lisa Mallner (Nordic.AI)

Round Table 2: Rethinking Education
Location: Tetra
Moderator: Julia Delin (Shapers Stockholm)
Speakers: Esko Kilpi (EskoKilpi Co), Iida Jääskeläinen (City of Helsinki), Jenna Lähdemäki-Pekkinen (Sitra)


15.30 - 15:50
Coffee Break
Multi-user VR Experience

15.50 - 17.10
Impact Labs


Impact Lab
Sustainability Crisis
Location: Tetra

Impact Lab
Society & Wellbeing
Location: Skiftnyckel

Impact Lab
Innovation & Prosperity
Location: Auditorium



Location: Auditorium

17.10 - 17.15
Thank you from Nordic Summit Team

17.15 - 18.30
Optional Cocktail hour at Hanaholmen Bar

Dinner by Fazer at Postitalo