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The Nordic Summit is a place for great minds, hearts and hands to come together across the Nordics to think about the Future of the Nordic Region.
Core to the 3 day conference are 3 central themes of Sustainability Crisis, Society & Wellbeing, Innovation & Prosperity.

Innovation & Prosperity

The Cross-Sectoral Collaboration
Lifelong Education
Nordics as one Innovation Area

Sustainability Crisis

A sustainability-oriented mindset is no longer enough as we are facing the challenges of a warming climate, mass production and consumption. However, shifting incentives for societal actions on all fronts towards a circular economy will enable a systemic change that is not only sustainable but also regenerative.  Many ventures have already proven that a circular model is not only economically viable but also beneficial for society at large. How do we all bring about real systemic change? What roles and responsibilities do stakeholders possess in initiating this change?

Circular Economy
Food & Water Waste
Carbon Cycle

Society & Wellbeing

Nordic countries consistently top the list of happiest place to live. The societes are well-functioning, health care systems work. According to various parameters, the Nordics are amongst the best places to live in. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of things to work on and things to develop. How do we move from reactive to proactive healthcare? How do we ensure young people don’t fall out of the system? Long-term prosperity of the societal model must be ensured to have a wellbeing future.

Nordic Society Model
Proactive Healthcare