Nordic Summit is for the changemakers of the Nordics to come together and unite
minds, hands & hearts.


Global Shapers Nordic Summit is an impact-oriented gathering for the members of the Global Shapers Community and key influencers from the region. The conference brings together a wide spectrum of young change-makers from business, government, international organisations, civil society, academia, media and the arts. The aim of the meeting is to discuss a potential shared vision for the Nordics and enhance Nordic collaboration by developing projects with impact that address economic, political,
and societal challenges of our times. 



The Fourth Industrial Revolution can compromise humanity’s traditional sources of meaning - work, community, family, and identity - or it can lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a sense of shared destiny. The choice is ours.
— Prof. Klaus Schwab, Founder & Chairman of the World Economic Forum


Co-Created by Global Shapers  of
Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen Hubs


How to attend?


We organize this event with a purpose of creating maximum actionable impact, therefore attendance is limited to the key stakeholders, partners, Global Shapers Hubs members and influencers. If you are passionate about the program and believe that you can bring valuable impact to the table, please apply for attendance via the link below.